Short Stories

Pleasing Him

My legs are shaking and my sex is wet, anticipating when your lips will finally meet mine. Your oral assault on me gets me every time. But let’s switch it up for a change, brushing your hard staff with the tips of my fingers, making you rise inch by inch until you are fully erect. I get on my knees and bow to your manhood before I abruptly take you deep down my throat and suck like a Popsicle that’s about to melt on a hot day. I slurp and smack and spit, sloppy and messy. You groan and breathe quickly in and out. You tell me to slow down but I keep going, it’s my turn to be in control. I suck and slap it on my face as I suck your balls and lick beneath them while jacking your spit soaked dick. Your legs start shaking, your heart racing, you are ready to let go. I take you deep, my lips to your stomach and I squeeze your sack, my head going back and forth, sucking until I hear you shout my name. You spray your hot pleasure and I keep going, even though you’re done and you’re sensitive, you don’t stop me. I stand up, turn around and throw my ass back on your dick, fast and hard, I’m still in control. You cum again and I don’t move because I want your seeds to grow inside me. One last push back is my undoing and I cum all against your stomach and thigh. We lay back, panting, spent and think about the next time our bodies meet again.

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