Short Stories

The Touch

She was already shaking, anticipation overcoming her. Controlling her arousal was something she tried to work on, but when it came to him, she would succumb to the pleasure. He gently touched her thigh, and felt the vibrations of her energy. She watched him, trying to be patient for the burning fire inside her was ready to roar. He whispered in her ear, his lips brushing her skin, sending shivers down her spine. All he had to do was touch her and that was her undoing, but she held back. He gently parted her legs, gliding his fingers up her thigh. She held her hands above her head, gripping the rail like he told her. She couldn’t touch him while he pleasured her. She took control of her breath and closed her eyes, focusing on the touch. He slit her slips with his finger and gently rubbed her engorged clit. She held her breath and her body stiffened. He told her to breathe and let the sensation control her. He rubbed softly in circles and watched as her belly rose and fell quickly. She wanted to grab his hand and guide him, but her instructions were to not touch. He used her juices as lubrication to slide more smoothly up, down, and around her clit. He knew she was almost to her peak. He moved carefully, positioning himself between her legs, her eyes still closed, focusing on his touch. He replaced his fingers with his tongue and took her sex into his mouth, devouring her. She writhed as she came over the edge, gripping the rail. He gripped her thighs to hold her still and applied gentle, but firm licks against her clit. She gushed and he swallowed every last drop. When she stopped moving, he kissed her inner thighs, her stomach, each breast, her neck, her chin, and finally her mouth, letting her taste her pleasure. Fin.

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