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Health & Wellness Wednesday: School Lunch Program

Many people who live in a low income area, qualify for their child(ren) to have free or reduced lunch. Essentially this saves the parents money, but in the long run, are they really saving money with all of the health problems that will occur? I have seen many kids in the schools that I work at who are as tall as me and twice my size, eating their free lunch and everyone else’s. If parents really knew what these kids were eating and drinking at school, I think they would second guess it. Just because something is free, does not mean that it is good.

In majority white neighborhoods, I have seen that most kids bring their lunch to school (their lunches being no better than the crap they serve in the cafeteria). Mainly it is because these parents have the money to buy enough food for their children to take a lunch to school. I overheard some of the students talking about how the food in the cafeteria isn’t real food and its days old. If an elementary student knows that what the school is serving isn’t real and is detrimental to their health, why can’t parents who have their kids on free or reduced lunch get that?

Most all people who live in low income areas have food stamps and those how have multiple children, get a lot of money. I am not sure why these parents aren’t buying extra food for their children to pack a lunch to take to school. Another problem is the stores that are available in these neighborhoods. They do not have healthy food widely available so I guess the parents figure that they might as well eat at school.

It does not cost a lot of money to buy extra food for children to take their lunch to school. They can even have leftovers from the night before which I have seen quite a few kids have in their lunchboxes. All I am saying is that in these low income neighborhoods, there is no excuse for the parents to not be able to pack their kids lunches.

To my point, the meat the children are being served in the schools is not meat that should be allowed to be fed to anyone. Animals in factory farms who are too decrepit to kill and sell in stores because it is against whatever code, the controllers still want to make a profit off of these animals. So what do they do? They grind up the meat of these sick, diseased, crippled animals and sell the meat to the school lunch programs. That is what your children are eating. I see this everyday. Grey meat, pink meat, meat that doesn’t look like meat, let alone the smell of when I walk into the cafeteria. It smells like the city dump.

Growing up, I was never on free or reduced lunch, thank goodness. At the time, I hated it because I hated the food that my mom would buy. Lunch meat, chips and some kind of sugar cake with a CapriSun. I had to have that everyday. I hated it. Since we had specialty lines in high school (that served shrimp baskets, crawfish baskets, real cheeseburgers, boudain baskets and Red Baron pizza), I usually bought my lunch with my allowance. Most kids aren’t given those choices today.

My point of all of this is that my people who live in low income areas with children, especially my single parents, stop trading in your food stamps for cash. Do better about your situation for your children. Don’t let them eat the remains of lame (crippled, useless, etc.) animals. You wonder why so many kids in low income areas are angry and violent. It isn’t just their home lives or environment; food plays a  part too.


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