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Self-Publishing v. Traditional Publishing

When I first started writing novels, I cannot tell you how many inquiries I submitted to book publishing agencies. Every last one of them were denied. I believe I submitted over 100 inquiries and all were either denied or there was no response. When I found out about self publishing, I jumped on that ship and never looked back. Self publishing is honestly the best route if you want complete and total control of your work. Here are some other benefits:

  • Set your own release date
  • creative control
  • more royalties
  • can choose which outlets to sell on
  • can take however long you want to finish your novel
  • no one can tell you what to write
  • you can choose how your book is promoted
  • you can even sell books out the back of your car
  • you get to handle all elements of book tours, readings and signings

With traditional publishing, it is basically the opposite of what I listed above. There are some perks though.

  • you don’t have to worry about promotion
  • all things regarding signings, readings and tours are taken care of by someone else
  • given a specific genre or topic to write on makes the writing process easier – you don’t have to create something yourself
  • better chances of getting your book noticed by a larger audience
  • you have a deadline, that prompts you to actually finish a book and not leave it undone for years
  • you have someone to hold you accountable

There are ups and downs of both, but I like my money and book publishing agencies can be super expensive. I say choose which route is best for you, but I will always be in favor of self publishing because you have control over everything and you can do things the way that you envisioned, as opposed to someone else. It’s your work; make it how you want it.

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